Train to the clouds
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Welcome to the Train to the Clouds.

In this site you’ll get to know details of one of the most important and audacious work of railway engineer.

The magnificent scenery  accompanies and wraps this marvel of human ingenuity.   

For your delight, you can get a map of great quality with every detail of this construction.

You can get to know every step of its route and the difficulties that had to be overcome in a work of art unique in its type.

 Dare to know it. You won’t regret it.

A little history

1895/96/97  the first studies of the terrain take place.

1905 A design similar to the present one is outlined.

1913 The plans are adjusted.

1921 (December 10th)            

1921(March 14th) President Hipolito Yrigoyen orders from Buenos Aires, without legislative sanction, and by decree the beginning of the laying of the tracks. 

1924 (September 16th) The stretch Lerma-Puerta Tastil is finished.

1929 Maury decides to take the railway through Socompa.

1930 The construction is suspended due to the revolution against Yrigoyen’s government.

1943 (April 26th) The stretch to the Salar de Pocitos was inaugurated,

1948 (January 17th) The last rail was placed in Socompa connecting it to the chilean tracks.

1948 (February 20th) President Juan Domingo Peron  officially inaugurated  the construction, that demanded a little more than 9000 days of work with pickaxe and a considerable number of deaths.